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See attached!  RT @canuk75 Just wondering if alyssa came home from the FOD shoot in character?

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2243 days ago

See attached! RT Just wondering if alyssa came home from the FOD shoot in character?


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jheathern 1998 days ago

gotta love the poof!.. but not quite orange enough.. think.. old basketball orange!

denisa1 2156 days ago

Did you use a BUMPIT??!!?? LMAO!!!!!!!

DonneD20 2157 days ago

OMG wow that's all I can say

LadyLoveDisdain 2230 days ago


DeepGreenForest 2231 days ago

911? Yes ma'am. There's a woman at my door, and she *kinda* looks like my wife, but I'm scared...

lovelyelena89 2231 days ago

hahaha,black girl...

naomy_mcscene 2232 days ago

wonderful 4ever!!! ^^ =)

Cheryls_fangirl 2235 days ago

She looks hilarious. lol And I love her hair.

mariahvondita 2236 days ago

hahahaha I love when she does that face it makes me smile!! She's still sooo beautiful!!

doggyny 2236 days ago


P3Linz 2236 days ago

WOW - looks like Alyssa has had some serious sunbed time!! ;-)

MMSHALHOST 2242 days ago

Beautiful as always!
Love you Alyssa!

tastefulrhymes5 2242 days ago

i bet she had fun doing this character.

HoboHappyHour 2242 days ago

David, I went to Pingry too! Graduated in 93. Your dad was my fav biology teacher. Great guy! Did a lot for me

GiuuuCFC 2243 days ago

It's funny, but I did not like it!! G_G

quartz_amethyst 2243 days ago

far out, would walk right past her & not recognise her

kendallxx 2243 days ago

haha ;) Alyssa is beautiful no matter what those crazy makeup people do to her. :)

HBanner 2243 days ago

nice. I kind of like the hair....she does still look pretty. haha oh and nice diploma in the back David. ;)

LittleRe_ 2243 days ago

You can still see Alyssa in there somewhere! Lol.

bobbycabby 2243 days ago

You still look hot. Can't hide that!!