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This is how I Christmas shop...

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1729 days ago

This is how I Christmas shop...


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QueenofCountry2 1720 days ago

I want to shop with u !!

gary_e_johnston 1721 days ago

Thats how i shopped too! Had to drink to get ready to deal with all the stupid people!!!LMAO

annielicious14 1725 days ago


ErikCornelius 1726 days ago

I see you have the same alcohol problem I have. Two arms and only one mouth.

ROUSE93 1728 days ago

hell yeah bud!

BritaniDostal 1728 days ago


kelbellx0 1728 days ago

that's at a Chili's! very nice :)

TessaMack 1728 days ago

Haha I love it!

DonnaLydaWht 1728 days ago

Haven't tried this before for shopping. To each his/her own. I'll just have my usual diet Sundrop, or I wouldn't get shopping done.haha

vamp124 1728 days ago

Love it need to go shopping with you lol!!!

rcalley 1728 days ago

2 for one!!

LesMarieT 1728 days ago

Luckyyyy...This is how I'll be celebrating once my shopping is done.

okiemom1 1729 days ago

Hey Justin, lets shop next week!! haha

morganfayard 1729 days ago

yes yes yes!!

bryankbuchanan 1729 days ago

Fook yea brotha, one for each hand!!

barnyardradio 1729 days ago

fuck yes!

lishalette 1729 days ago

that's the way to go!!!

RiDanielle 1729 days ago

Nice dude!!

RReinhard 1729 days ago

way to go!!!

lovepeacemusicc 1729 days ago