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chloe_homewood 2128 days ago

we dont have that pizza in england :(

samiibabii1112 2157 days ago

wow our pizza here in texas is like 5.07 lol your luky

sattyna 2168 days ago

that's expensive!!!!! in italy it's like 1 euro or 2 XD
and honestly people... this really don't look like a pizza hahaha

Rosasars 2197 days ago


Laura_Sink 2235 days ago

oh yes so good!

ambs_21 2236 days ago

bbq! nasty!

Victoriaaahere 2246 days ago

omg this is my favorite pizza in the worlds

team__jackson 2277 days ago

sometimes in cali we have $5 sales or 2 for 10...otherwise its almost $10

teaababee 2283 days ago

about like 10-20 or maybe even more in ontario

kristaleigh1224 2302 days ago

wow! bout 12.00 in winnipeg

erinselgomezfan 2311 days ago


maiken__thomsen 2344 days ago

those are like 6 dollars in denmark :O (35 danish krowns)

SteveMyers1982 2358 days ago

Katilette, you post so sparingly, but I am still a big fan and think you guys are awesome. Check out the site I made for you and it's only 35% finished!

ryan0mega 2403 days ago

I recognize the winco pricetag ANYWHERE

josie_6908 2403 days ago

Wow!! Those things are like 8 bucks here in West Virginia! But I love 'em!!

actempleton 2403 days ago

Those are like 2 bucks in Alabama

voldemarcy 2405 days ago

WOAH, that's some cheap pizza. (:

raymondjuan 2405 days ago

That's a great price on the pizza. Wish I had some. Nom, nom, nom, nom

brian8907 2405 days ago

*highfive* my favorite pizza!!! I regret not going to BYU-I now, that pizza is twice the price here :(

steffRECords 2405 days ago

holy crap that is cheap! I LOVE THAT PIZZA, THOUGH. the four cheese is my favorite (: