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2470 days ago


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Shadewar_AE 2454 days ago

assasi chan poster cool

Hokoko 2461 days ago

o.o thats kewl

ANAneychik 2469 days ago

I can guarantee that if you made a single armour go along with it you would make a few thousand more.

ShadowDragAE 2470 days ago

$840 now!

LillyAQW 2470 days ago

I'm amazed you don't ship to places other than the USA. I'd bid if Canada was an option.

BurstGB 2470 days ago

Price on acrion is $1

DiablezzoAE 2470 days ago

I wont be able to get it. Too high price AND it's not even in europe, scandinavia.

Thehiddenfire 2470 days ago

where, and when is this going to be auctioned?

GriffinFire 2470 days ago

Ooh, awesome idea. Any chance you'll be doing different poster auctions like this? Xan's not a character I'm very familiar with, so I'm not especially interested in this one.

caeel 2470 days ago

Chu owe me for spoiling Avatar, give me teh poster and I'll call it even!

Shadewar_AE 2470 days ago

Cysero Cool

Chamberino 2470 days ago

I love Safiria's little fang marks :3
At least I think that's what they are :P

kinzvlle 2470 days ago

4 bucks

pmk138_AQW 2470 days ago

I'll give you my AQW account! :P

BurceChuat 2470 days ago

I wish I wasn't broke >.

Lady_Adella 2470 days ago

I'll have to buy it in physical body's broke. (Loves both Artix's and Beleen's Signatures though. ;) Creative!

WilfreAE 2470 days ago

when is this?

SecretSych 2470 days ago

I would buy it... If I wasn't so poor >_>

HayIVampi 2470 days ago

:O Nice. Haha, love how Beleen has a little =O face at the end of her signature xD

Dracorath 2470 days ago

I WILL BUY IT! D: I want!