Marble Hornets


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2538 days ago


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TimePineapple 2179 days ago

It's amazing how the human mind can create images out of something as abstract as branches.

Namrednels 2212 days ago

01010111 01100001 01101001 01110100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00101110

Jazukai 2313 days ago

And the world believes Slenderman is real

erinmiddlemass 2330 days ago

can someone please tag the slendy masky dude in this i cant find him well i thought i found him like 12 itmes:Lx

b_boom 2538 days ago

YES! Thank you for being one of those interested, but not "OMFGSLENDERMANISTOTALLYREALHESGONNADIE" fans. Props.

Totally_Casey 2538 days ago

I'm sorry, that message felt out of context, Lol. It was half for you and half just a little off topic for the general discussion. SORRY! LOL.

Totally_Casey 2538 days ago

right. I thought for awhile Masky was his friend that lost his mind, too,... but wasn't the friend in one of the Stalker vids? So, yeah.. I dunno. I will say that I don't think Masky is paranormal, though.

Totally_Casey 2538 days ago

.... but THAT doesn't make these pics fun..... Lol.

altprime 2538 days ago

Not really - all he needs is the guy in the suit. Shouldn't be too hard, pictures are blurry enough as is.

Yutsubara 2538 days ago

Give me $20 lol

DearJake 2538 days ago

Speaking out of game here, I doubt we'll see Slendy in any pics. That would require J to go all the way back home, edit the picture, upload it, then return in time to continue filming while its still light out.

Totally_Casey 2538 days ago

Slend-a-man is watching you:-O

Totally_Casey 2538 days ago

Right! That is, actually, what I did when I saw this pic. Lol

altprime 2538 days ago

I can imagine each of us saying "OH SHIT THERE'S SM oh wait nevermind NO THERE" fuck I've seen him three times in this already

Yutsubara 2538 days ago

Don't die!

DennisTBrownIII 2538 days ago

dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood this is nuts

gopherchucks101 2538 days ago

Me too :) -- Careful bro.

Totally_Casey 2538 days ago


Actawesome 2538 days ago

This is exciting stuff!!

Totally_Casey 2538 days ago

BTW I think I see him, top right.