Marble Hornets


Road to the trail is fenced off. Guess I'm walking.

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2351 days ago

Road to the trail is fenced off. Guess I'm walking.


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HaleyNadine 1894 days ago

Anyone else see slender? my eyes went straight to him

Namrednels 2025 days ago

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Kermice 2351 days ago

The gate is there to prevent unwanted activities in this club.

DearJake 2351 days ago

According to somebody who lives in the same state they're filming, this is exactly how the weather is right now in the area. No snow. Looks like this is all real-time and not pre-recorded.

Telos954 2351 days ago

Probably warlock loot.

UltimaLink 2351 days ago

Slenderman. Left. Not sure if it;s the trees. Still freaking out.

Totally_Casey 2351 days ago

I wonder what TYPE of loot Slendy would drop.... Hmmmmm.....

altprime 2351 days ago

It's not safe to go alone. Here, take this.

chezzil 2351 days ago

AH! I hope you can run fast, good luck :)

Totally_Casey 2351 days ago

Fellow pagan? Lol. Yeah, it does make a difference, I guess, he always needs to keep a close eye on the sun, though. But, Blessed Solstice. :-)

allshine_on 2351 days ago

Be safe!

Ketchupface 2351 days ago


DearJake 2351 days ago

Maybe Slendy will drop some good loot.

turamarth666 2351 days ago

It's the winter solstice.

rougeloup 2351 days ago

oh shit oh shit oh shit

pumahawk 2351 days ago

leave if you lose service! haha

MaikoJR 2351 days ago

This looks like a Mistery/escape game from LOL

vehura 2351 days ago

heureuxamoureux 2351 days ago

Bring his $20.

CorbinDecap 2351 days ago

this just seems to get freakier. stay safe jay.