Marble Hornets


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Kind of strange seeing other people.

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1675 days ago

Kind of strange seeing other people.


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Namrednels 1349 days ago

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Tsiyeria 1674 days ago

No problem. :)

Kermice 1674 days ago

O.K. thanks for clearing that up. All i could see was a vaguely marked vehicle of a relatively small size, with a light or reflection coming from the roof; others probably made a similar inference.

Tsiyeria 1675 days ago

, no, that's a truck with a "wide load" warning. It probably goes with the dump truck in front of it.

Kermice 1675 days ago

I don't know enough about the law in the States, but if that's a cop car, and the law's the same as here then there must be someone else in the car taking these photos, as a driver pissing about with his phone would get pulled over in a flash.

Applemask_ 1675 days ago

I yell advice to movie characters all the time, who doesn't?

druminor 1675 days ago

it's like the guy who whines in the movie theater because he knows how the effects are done.

turamarth666 1675 days ago

Banks you charging a troll toll?

BanksBrasell 1675 days ago


erikperkins 1675 days ago

BanksBarrels you so white.

BanksBrasell 1675 days ago

Do you tell the main character in a movie to get a gun?

MagicNein 1675 days ago

For reals, druminor, I know it's a game, but that isn't stopping me from having fun with it. Also, I think that some sweet background music is in order, so, here you all go;

Tsiyeria 1675 days ago

Banks, don't be a jackass. We know it's not real. Do you also feel the need to announce this in the middle of a movie?

druminor 1675 days ago

i'm sure most of us realize it's a game BanksBrasell. It's called getting into the Spirit of the thing.

MagicNein 1675 days ago

Best of Fortune, Jay. We all have your back, even if we're not there physically. Although a flask of Holy Water might not be a bad idea.

BanksBrasell 1675 days ago

You people do realize that this is not real. How retarded can you get.

Tsiyeria 1675 days ago

Telos has a fair point. Sunlight and situational awareness are likely the best defenses Jay has.

Telos954 1675 days ago

Because you know. You can kill Slenderman with a gun. Would have been done ages ago if possible. As for Masky - the guy's probably got protection. Even if he doesn't, unless J has used a gun before, it'd be useless.

CorbinDecap 1675 days ago

thats a good thing. becareful j. im rooting for ya.

lifegospel 1675 days ago

Pick up a gun on your way there man, it could save your life.