Marble Hornets


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1736 days ago


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Nied7 1392 days ago

You can see the date and time (according to device's time) by convertint to TXT or check prpriet.

Nied7 1392 days ago

Why was this picture taken actually 4 days earlier then it was posted? Save, and check out stuff.

DearJake 1736 days ago

Good luck J. Hope you stopped and bought a Glock.

woobiehastelly 1736 days ago

who said he brought someone with him?

tommytheasian 1736 days ago

good luck man, becareful , and im glad u gota buddy wif u :)

Telos954 1736 days ago

Hope you brought 20 dollars.
In all seriousness, though - Good luck, bright back pics.

almost_amazing 1736 days ago

Okay, so either J took this, and uploaded it while driving, or he has someone else in the car with him. But who?

lifegospel 1736 days ago

Careful man, my GF and I are both wishing you the best.

erikperkins 1736 days ago

That club is at the next exit. Godspeed and careful, lest ye be considered wifing there.

woobiehastelly 1736 days ago

there's tons of shadows.

CorbinDecap 1736 days ago

becareful j. keep ur eyes peeled and ur camera on. good luck.

frozen_arm 1736 days ago

Dude, you can see a shadow on the right (forest-area). It looks like an outline of someone!

turamarth666 1736 days ago

This will be epic.

Tsiyeria 1736 days ago

Nice balmy day for it. Be careful, Jay!

StasiaNoel 1736 days ago

I see you're on the way, keep us updated.

leelopoo 1736 days ago

Oooh, live Slendy photos incoming sooner or later I reckon ;)

Ewaltcoolio 1736 days ago

first comment :D also, what could it be?