Jane Aldridge


your imaginary friend...i own seaofshoes.com

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1737 days ago


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biasichiara 1561 days ago

hai più scarpe di me!!

Zavannahi 1563 days ago

one word: insane

rochellejuachon 1720 days ago

WOW!Shoes. The bestest thing i have ever seen :)

_Smeezy 1723 days ago

OMG! Que j'aimerais en avoir autant!

narasantos 1725 days ago

Woww. That's a lot of shoes!!!!!!

Jeans_Stilettos 1731 days ago

Oh Wowww!!!

JosefinaFogel 1732 days ago

OMG ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

jordanryanne 1736 days ago

84 pairs of shoes!! (ya i counted) you can start an art gallery with those!

FineLineStyle 1736 days ago

Dream shoe shelves.

kate7j 1736 days ago

Wow. That's a lot of shoes. Can I come over and steal some? ;)

RobinsonEmma 1736 days ago

Wow, Jane that's amazing! xo

leah_face 1736 days ago

Shoe heaven! FYI, it's a good idea to stuff your tall boots with rolled-up magazines to keep them straight :) I do this with mine and they stay looking great.

pearlmaj 1737 days ago

I keep most of my shoes in their boxes so they don't get too dusty (I do have a housecleaning service but dusting individual shoes is not something I've asked them to do). How do you deal with that problem?

BullesdeMode 1737 days ago

Waow ! I can't wait to have my own :-)
I'll send a picture then !

PaulaShopaholic 1737 days ago

OMG! I wish I had your shoes rack, its amazing!

bunnykins_ 1737 days ago

insanely jealous.

Mrs_Grady 1737 days ago

Hey, Jane, do you have any REGULAR shoes? Tennis shoes, flip-flops, stuff you'd wear if you were running out of the house in a hurry?

ljmcpherson 1737 days ago

Stuff those boots or they'll get creases in them!! :)

ANEBOO 1737 days ago