i pick up dog shit all day long, but at night i rock-n-roll.

Good job fine print, you're always on top of shit.

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1952 days ago

Good job fine print, you're always on top of shit.


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Kayar36m 1568 days ago

zh5q Hi take a look at

LeslieRuiz_ 1603 days ago

lol oh shit thats funny

SarahhNightmare 1756 days ago

Idk why this is so goddamn funny!!

MyChemicalCrazi 1759 days ago


zoek280 1770 days ago

ha lol

tam_williams 1806 days ago


Demetri_Dogg 1812 days ago

Wow. I never knew sesame may have contained sesame! :o

amberasaurous 1823 days ago

i probably laughed WAY harder than i should have >.

D_Deadly 1832 days ago

Niiiiice...XD...I find that all the time (especially with sunflower seeds-'contains sunflower seeds'), and it's even randomer when you have something that has almonds in it that says 'may contain peanuts' who wouldn't notice that???

MyDangerDaysMCR 1833 days ago

Haha! That's funny, and, I don't see why it says 'May contain' Stupid packaging...

merci4levenin 1859 days ago

Why is it 'may...'??? Should it definitley contain sesame seeds? Wtf lol

chantellewatts 1861 days ago

I love how you always find these things. We love you Frank.

foosballwizard 1864 days ago

The favorite snack of Captain Obvious, I would assume?

Killjoy_Kid 1872 days ago

Ha! okay...

god_damn_freak 1877 days ago

went without saying realy...

Sayraaa8D 1878 days ago


maibritjh 1886 days ago

You have a firm grasp on stating the obvious.

sweet_iinsanity 1895 days ago

Fail! -.-' hahhaha!

Nitrous_party 1896 days ago

they do that on peanuts (may contain traces of peanuts -.- lol

Saruuhsaurus 1897 days ago

xD I had a carton of almond milk, and on the side it said "May contain almonds", No shit sherlock?