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Jossir and @elizadushku getting their groove on

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2022 days ago

Jossir and getting their groove on


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yonasmichael 2022 days ago

"Jossir" is my hero - and why isn't he on Twitter?

CATRsChris 2022 days ago

I'm so going to miss the show.

thelongmorrow 2022 days ago

haha, amazing! (l) joss!

Cindymealer 2022 days ago

Thank you so much 4 sharing these special moments with us. Cherished and happy ones tho Im so sad the show has ended.

kristensomeone 2022 days ago

of course Joss can dance!...The Dance of Joy...Numfar of the Deathwok clan. :)

InyRules 2022 days ago

Indeed, a priceless photo.

babyshakira87 2022 days ago

hahaha love it!

toriaella 2022 days ago

Eliza has very nice white PERFECT teeth :P i'll miss Dollhouse, but i'm most certain that the future holds more great things for the Whedonverse

BANANAPUFF 2022 days ago

aww, i am going to miss dollhouse. joss definitely needs to get some more television shows up, and fox needs to stop failing with his shows.

MinLopierce 2022 days ago

Lol at 's openy mouth.

takewhat 2022 days ago

Joss can dance? Hm, I wouldn't have thought it. But then I didn't expect him to be able to sing either!

thesadeianwoman 2022 days ago


SpikeGhost 2022 days ago

haha love it :D

Skynet_TX 2022 days ago

is serenading Joss ?

gingernaps 2022 days ago

Such a priceless photo!