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7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

My red.. And my map. Not sure which I like more.

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2746 days ago

My red.. And my map. Not sure which I like more.


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lisajanae 2706 days ago

I like the glass myself :D

dafartmaster 2740 days ago

give it a try. Garmind Edge 705 , with regional maps for biking and walking. the routing is great for unknown bike rides on almost always beautifull bike places, no big roads, never lost.

this is the case in Belgium with map

WineBear 2743 days ago

oops not got the hand of twitter yet. I certainly wish you the best this season but please prove it is done clean.... and win!

WineBear 2743 days ago

Heh are we going to see the real red and the real map soon Lance!

When do we get treated to the blood tests and the bio-map. You know the challenge you have set, to win the tour 100% clean. It won't be easy but heh it was your mouth that got you into t

h00v3r 2743 days ago

"I enjoy drinking Boone's Farm in the dark by myself... Well, my dogs are there and my wife is upstairs asleep." - Josh (San Marcos, TX)

vickygal 2745 days ago

As I said, thx.for the Luce, but mine(Pontet-Canet) is better uh. 95 pts. and $$$$...Luce 91. Like them apples??

ShelbyMarie 2745 days ago

Im pretty sure that a great combo together :)

mikeharris7 2746 days ago

why two slashes in the 10/2? Sorry, just curious.

lescostes 2746 days ago

I like both..we had an amazing bottle of Gaillac last night and we always have the french map out to find new places to ride.

bruceweaver 2746 days ago

10/2 is surely the more important in the long run....

creakyknees 2746 days ago

dude that is my absolute favorite book. Mine has highlighter tracks all over it from great rides. the newer version is easier to read but I still use that version in the pic

TommyMoffitt 2746 days ago

I'll take a glass of that please!

matthewbrandon 2746 days ago

where we are going we don't need maps

standupkid 2746 days ago

Looks like somebody could use a refill!

tcstaples 2746 days ago

Drink enough red you won't care about the map. But, the date is never to be forgotten!

spelcher 2746 days ago

Sweet glass! Have to sell them. Not syrevif Nike could swing that but how ' bout LAF?

davidccarter 2746 days ago

Planning on a trip? Like your wine glass!

bretttinder 2746 days ago

No need to pick, they go well together