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Doin' stuff for HBO, Writer, former Xbox muckymuck, Consultant, Program Manager, occasional w00tstock performer, PR/political junkie. Be excellent to each other

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1922 days ago


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smashd_alakai 1920 days ago

That's definitely e. Note the green and yellow Oregon Ducks hoodie. You guys put on a great show, I'm really digging the extended cast.

Raistafke 1922 days ago

I like how the clock is nicely in the photo, showing the "horribly early" time of 8:38

eepyaich 1922 days ago

Great to see how the "magic" comes together. Came to the MN podcast this year and have loved it. Thank you!

veebsdb 1922 days ago

I would consider those mics the 'wrong way up':) Nice to picture the recording though, looks like you guys have enough fun doing it. Thanks!

nerfbeast 1922 days ago

That's e not stepto

RubMyDucky 1922 days ago

Laura is pretty. :)

uTINGme 1922 days ago

haha that's right Lollip0p MUST have her Dr. Pepper : ]

lurkerman 1922 days ago

Wow, I thought Stepto was taller...

NickMon68 1922 days ago

Its great to see what it looks like

jspin 1922 days ago

wow, that is quite the setup! i pictured everyone crammed at a small table with a small whiteboard at major's house.

arkhunter 1922 days ago

Stepto looks totally different than I imagined also. Looks like he should be an enforcer and not a game geek. :)

arkhunter 1922 days ago

Nothing like I imagined. It this the normal setup?

cjo1229 1922 days ago

Very cool to see what behind the scenes looks like. Love the podcast!! Merry Christmas!!!!

justinpar 1922 days ago

Thanks for showing a behind the scenes pic. Love the podcast, it's the reason I am a 360 owner.

singram 1922 days ago

The magic is gone...

aar3y5 1922 days ago

So cool to see behind the scenes. I'm surprised to see no sound absorbing tiles. Thanks for all the podcasts you guys have given us over the year.

jaycook777 1922 days ago

Thanks for the photo. It's cool to see behind the podcast. And thanks for all your work that makes gaming even better.

Gakhar 1922 days ago

All ready with their coffee :D

1o1Adam 1922 days ago

This is a really cool pic!! I always wanted 2 see what you guys do behind the scenes

seandaisy 1922 days ago

Half the whiteboard is onspicuously blank...