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Don't accept cheap imitations... The real Linkin Park bass' player man.

So many awesome flavors to choose from!

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2323 days ago

So many awesome flavors to choose from!


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neko_chan_10 2183 days ago

cute ^o^ ♡

MErCEnArY18 2314 days ago

OMG PENGUIN!!! and I luv french vanilla . its jus meant 2 b.......lol

puprocker5 2319 days ago

Love their animal designs but i would rather not take Mint Chocolate flavor.

HTKY11 2322 days ago

He he

Linkin_Theorist 2322 days ago

If I were you Phi, I'd take all of them :) yummy... :D Take 'em all. :)

Malou19 2323 days ago

Take french vanille !!! lol

twilightLP 2323 days ago

HAHAHAHA...get all of them.

TheLPFreak 2323 days ago


It_s_Kathi 2323 days ago

Im for french vanilla

chaqz 2323 days ago

LOL that is ultimate rock star. Look at their cute little faces...

MARI_SABEL 2323 days ago

mix it all)))

Adriana_Kristy 2323 days ago

haha get 'em all Phi Phi "Big Bottom" Farino!

ouchouch 2323 days ago

I have never seen such a cute array of various hot cocoa. Oh yea, you're definitely Rockstar.

Welllo 2323 days ago

lol, an inside look at Phoenix's cupboard! x)

imready4u 2323 days ago

Rich Milk Chocolate for me please.....wait....none of these are fat free or sugar free.....never mind:D LOL

smallpkgtnt 2323 days ago

Funny that I seen this after I made some. Yummy French vanilla with my daughter! It hit the spot!

Edward_182 2323 days ago

Frenche vanilla please!

KtaCaceres 2323 days ago

French Vanilla!!!! :P

jabbablinkss 2323 days ago

how bout a glass of chocolate milk with some ovaltine...lol

Fasyarawr 2323 days ago

caramel cream and mint chocolate please :)