Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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1737 days ago


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K_bass_leadV 1330 days ago

trouble is i heard it takes over a hundred needles o.o

K_bass_leadV 1330 days ago

ive always wondered what that was, when im older i want wings on my back

Babiigurl_Addie 1346 days ago

nice ink @ zak!

wendygac 1375 days ago

Love this ta lol wendy priez

demonologist_26 1418 days ago

i dont know about u but i can get my rib cage tatted all day long but the neck/back hurts no thank u

VerinaBagans96 1418 days ago

This looks cool!

HannahElizaNoel 1435 days ago

We #GACgirls just cant get enough of your tattoos. :D

agarrett1fusene 1466 days ago

nice......where did you get the art done?

aimee_GAChick 1624 days ago

Tattoos are sooo addicting, I just keep wanting more, and more, and more....

MysteriousAnnu 1695 days ago

too cool!!

Boggsy26 1699 days ago

Looks great love it!

syfax72 1724 days ago

Damn, that's nice!

rukalove65 1725 days ago

Damn!!!!!!! Such an awesome tattoo!!!! Looks like it hurt like a bitch but i dont care!!!! i'm still going to get it!!!!!!!

rukalove65 1726 days ago

it is so AWESOME!!!!!!! i am so getting that!

ObsidianRa 1729 days ago

what does the ring stand for? could have many meanings

CrazyClutz2 1729 days ago

Looks fricken SWEET. Nicely done with the choice of the tat.

Betsy_GACsister 1729 days ago

looks like it was painful O.o are you gonna keep it even when youre 90 years old?

SaulConrad 1730 days ago

It Looks NICE!!! :)

MsNiki3 1730 days ago

wow reminds me of someone... hummm...

camf0rd 1731 days ago

the tatt looks great Zak