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G' Day and Kia-Ora! I live in a cookie box house with Lucy,@Gilbertteddy,@ArthurConanbear,@Sherlockteddy and other furry pals.My motto is: Make someone happy.

I have worked hard. Merry Christmas.

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2383 days ago

I have worked hard. Merry Christmas.


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yourlilfriend 2380 days ago

merry krismuss spencer!

Kolo_Martin 2383 days ago

Wow Spencer you have worked hard what lovely looking biscuits for Christmas you are soooo clever. HUGS HUGS HUGS HUGS HUGS HUGS

flicka47 2383 days ago

Oh, Spenser! Yes you have worked very hard! Yummmmmmy,yummy Gingerbread.Thank you so very much and Merry Christmas to you also!

henryandfriends 2383 days ago

ooooo spensa yoo wos reely bissy an they luks luvvly ... mmmmm yummy

Spencerteddy 2383 days ago

Every twitta friends invited cookie eating.

elineof 2383 days ago

They look sooo good! A cup of tea and your company will go well with your gingerbread!

bijntje 2383 days ago

That is a load of biscuits. Merry Christmas to you too

OllyTed 2383 days ago

wow spencer that dus luk luvly! merry kissmus -hug hug-