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2317 days ago


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2UpDuc 2314 days ago

And I thought my office was cool.. That awesome..

pschil 2317 days ago

Wish my wife would let me do something that.That is very cool.

LReed 2317 days ago

Wow, looks great! Every time I see a picture of "the blue train", I remember Robin Williams talking about how exceptional that team was.

Chriscycling 2317 days ago

I've still got one of those bikes - awesome !!!!

RogueBandle 2317 days ago

Probably a Graham Watson shot

RogueBandle 2317 days ago

No on could touch the blue train! Or the Sheriff for that matter!

azens 2317 days ago

No one could stop the blue train! Or the light blue train for that matterm

spelcher 2317 days ago

Who was the photographer? Nice pic.

cyclingmaniac 2317 days ago

Awesome pic!!Those were the days

KeithARussell 2317 days ago

OK, I want one of those for my bike room now...

SPARKSIE10 2317 days ago

what a beautiful sight.

cyclealldaylong 2317 days ago

Cool how do I get a section just like that for my home training room?

scottmaiwald 2317 days ago

Would be cool to see that one autographed!

SarcastiCyclist 2317 days ago

how many of those guys have been caught doping or admitted doping? what?!?! someone had to ask the question!

HockeyRocker 2317 days ago

I hear the Train a comin', rollin' 'round the bend...see you Feb 16 rolling through Santa Cruz during Tour of California!

luv2bike 2317 days ago

I expected to see Thomas the train but this one is nice as well!

johnleonardo 2317 days ago

I recognize more than a few in there! Inspiring pic.

johnincolorado 2317 days ago

LOVE the blue train.

sixtywatt 2317 days ago

I can't wait for the latest blue train rolling through the grand tours this year! Take them all!

stuboo 2317 days ago

The Blue Train indeed. Awesome.