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I know everyone says their dog is the cutest... But c'mon. Teddy wins.

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2415 days ago

I know everyone says their dog is the cutest... But c'mon. Teddy wins.


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monicasuatean 2347 days ago

You are right!! Teddy wins. Teddy rulls

jvonbor 2411 days ago

Sorry, as much as I love you, my dog is the cutest.

eicholzking 2414 days ago

Cute dog Jewel but it looks like it's been gaining some weight HA HA GOT YA AGAIN!

RiverTempest 2414 days ago

I don't know Jewel that photo of Nathan kissing the lil yorkie was pretty darn cute X this deffantly wins second cuteist pic of my week tho xxx

Flo130968 2414 days ago

Very cute dog... But sorry my Alex (a huge kitty) wins!!!!!!

stephaniejett 2415 days ago

Sorry, my Daisy wins, but Teddy comes in a close 2nd.

Julirose 2415 days ago

Teddy is cute - but Woody is tough to beat (

Caitlin_I_Am 2415 days ago

awwww. very cute, but I still say my dog wins! = ]

SaraCVT 2415 days ago

I think Nathan Fillion wins. Sorry.

Psistriker 2415 days ago

Or beg to differ even. ::head to desk::

Psistriker 2415 days ago

Teddy is quite the charmer, but my Willow would bed to differ. ;)

Skynet_TX 2415 days ago

We have a winner !!

DaK1lla 2415 days ago


WeaverofStories 2415 days ago

That is such a CUTE dog!

MissPaint 2415 days ago

Did you see the picture Nathan Fillion uploaded? 'Making out with his new co-star. It's a draw, I think...

cttweeter 2415 days ago

Yes, that is a cute dog. :)

han_kyoul 2415 days ago

Teddy wins. Kudos to the photographer as well. It's a brilliant portrait!!

malusman 2415 days ago

You should put him up on

AmboClaire 2415 days ago

OMG Teddy is gorgeous bless him ;0)