i pick up dog shit all day long, but at night i rock-n-roll.


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zoek280 1941 days ago

omg lol wtf

tam_williams 1977 days ago

I should find you there, Frank. Haha

tam_williams 1977 days ago

I should find you there, Frank. Haha

RIPansy 1986 days ago

sweet you get your own pole

Killjoy_Kid 2042 days ago

lmao! I saw a smokers pole/ash try kinda thing wen I was at the Arcade...and there was NOT one butt in there...they were all over the fucking sidewalk, I thought it was so funny!

vmomma 2058 days ago

Is that next to the North Pole....the South Pole...Is it bi-polar?....hmmmm

ShaunyCyanide 2068 days ago

lol wtf?

CaahDominguees 2070 days ago

I do not stop smoking OMG lol

FaLlOuTbOyFaN42 2078 days ago

LAWL!! Hilarious! :)

Chlo_lizzy_Bird 2078 days ago

xD Lol wheres that i wanna go there!!

bearrt 2089 days ago

I'll put that pole in my friends' ass ^^

AlejandriaZ 2090 days ago

I will destroy that pole -..-'

CrissAnnWy 2095 days ago

omg i need to go in!

LortayLove 2100 days ago

lol almost puts us smokers to shame

Barakitty 2106 days ago


LynnzLovett 2110 days ago


killjoyhailey 2111 days ago

smoking is bad for pplz!!! smoking kills X_x

Wilczyca 2114 days ago


RayToroIsSexy 2114 days ago

My dad had to stand by one of those! LoL but really. My Chem likes coffee

basicmilk 2115 days ago