Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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2326 days ago


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GAC_Vallo_Ann 1999 days ago

good way to give me nightmares Zak way to go lol j/k .Awesome pic

JessaNightshade 2244 days ago

Awesome I love swords!

yeehawcountry 2304 days ago

Pls don't hurt it beautiful face.

GA_LOVER15 2304 days ago

You have a "SOUP" award?! What did you win? Or did you steal it?

MsNiki3 2317 days ago

isn't the mask supposed to be cracked.. hasn't jason been to hell and played with freddy already.. XD

dark_slytherin 2319 days ago

hey boy! where did u get that arm!!!

inkslinginglass 2319 days ago

Please tell me you don't do this everytime you bring a woman home..

Lovely_Chicka 2322 days ago

haha alrighty then lol

NKOTBFAN01 2323 days ago


Danibec34 2323 days ago

scary lol

Beckie_Jane 2324 days ago

cool room! I like your wooden sword LOL Being "mischievous" Zak?

Jenn_Higgins 2324 days ago

That's so awesome, but you're messing up that beautiful head of hair! Haha =)

jigamomma 2324 days ago

I agree. Hot no matter what he does. lmao

wigglez234 2324 days ago

gross i could never stomach that fake or real. gross. lol rock on rite. no pain no game.

BrookieWuvsYou 2324 days ago

wowww. You must have been bored.. or something xD

GhostAdventure0 2324 days ago

Wow! So cute and scary!!

Dthree61 2325 days ago

normally probably not the best decision in regards to a dude wielding a sword, but yeah. i wouldn't run from ya. haha

YJanett93 2325 days ago

Thats a very hott Jason lmaoo (;

LindsayHarley 2325 days ago

okay creepster! hhahaaa, just kidding, but seriously...

NYCRedhead 2325 days ago

Some boys just have the funniest way of fluffing their tail-feathers to impress the ladies...