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1666 days ago


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Velvex 1659 days ago

is that an xbox controller i see next to the computer :O to bad i dont own an xbox xD

BurstGB 1665 days ago

is this for df or oneofth others

GhostieAE 1665 days ago

Ohh, I thought it was Hamster scaling component. That makes a lot more sense.

Stabbah 1665 days ago

last line Show add to classic bottle engine?

Chamberino 1665 days ago

Let's see if I can translate, my handwriting is almost as bad :P

9.0.0 Final List
-[Honestly, I haven't get a clue. Last word seems to be "Adjust"]
-Monster Scaling [Companion?] x
-[Dev?] Server Test List
-[Start?] [Not a clue :P] To Classic Battle

Sam_Wicks 1666 days ago

Is that....written on your floor ?_?

hawker101 1666 days ago

I can see why there are so many typos in DF now :X

mlp_sonik 1666 days ago

i like the glass desk :)

Stabbah 1666 days ago

and i left un added that isin't tthe real deal but is similiar to the ones used in the earlier mentioned jobs and more

Rolith_AE 1666 days ago

Uh? Guys? it's a glass computer desk...

Stabbah 1666 days ago

For everyone sayin that omg cool idea you shoul patent it its already patented. Usually its standing on two legs and is used in hospitals crime labs fysics ect

Legnave_FEZero 1666 days ago

Actually looks like it would be useful, no need for cluttered papers.

Bramman111_0001 1666 days ago

you should get that patented

mlp_sonik 1666 days ago


Versilaryan 1666 days ago

That's the best place for a to-do list. Ever. You might be onto something, here!