Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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Babiigurl_Addie 2083 days ago

wow...zak..ur goregeous..and i lov ur lips! soooooo yummy!*blushes*

sportiegirl3320 2454 days ago

zak is gorgeous n i lov his lips lol

fannylu2 2459 days ago

zak is so hot and heys mine!!!=)

CharKuhtz 2461 days ago

I miss Vegas!

camf0rd 2468 days ago

look at those kissable lips

inkslinginglass 2469 days ago


klancas85 2472 days ago

You are so hot Zak. I love the show. Wish y'all would come back to St. Augustine sometime, I live just down the road. I have evp's and apparitions I recorded from the Lighthouse,they are awesome. Luv u

BrookieWuvsYou 2474 days ago

ur eyes.... I hate cameras.

StacyPwnz 2474 days ago

ur such a cutie

NKOTBFAN01 2474 days ago


jigamomma 2475 days ago

LOL I love the hair SO MUCH in fact, that I keep trying to get it to work on my kids! lol

wigglez234 2475 days ago

awesome. ur adorible. lol can't spell Sexy Can i much.

GhostAdventure0 2475 days ago

So cute! U wish i could meet you! :)

nacechik 2476 days ago

It's a scientific fact, that when your freezing to death, get naked and cuddle to survive

annie730 2476 days ago

Oh my goodness! Is that Donny & Marie Osmond on the building behind you? That's scary.

nikolew1 2476 days ago

Ill keep u warm n cozy...Who needs a jacket???

nikolew1 2476 days ago

If I was her, I wouldn't b kissing him, with u that close. R u kidding me, is she blind???LOL

LalaDePollo 2476 days ago

I'd make you feel warmer if you let me hug you ;)... lol... Love you zak!.. Love the pic ;)

MsNiki3 2476 days ago

lol.. wait aren't you wearign a t-shirt?? it's ffffreaaakkkinggg cooolddd here in newengland.. wanna trade spots?

JLW_Official 2476 days ago

it does look like he has Ls in his eyes
awesome pic anyway