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and a Dragonbow!

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2387 days ago

and a Dragonbow!


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KirgandianCyDef 2386 days ago

You're killing me C. So...many...unreal weapons.

DEALWITHEET 2386 days ago

>.>! froom dungeons and dragons? (the tv serie) ?? =P

YenielAQW 2387 days ago

I have to admit that it doesn't fully catch my eye. If the drags were blaack with glowing purple eyes, and the strind was white, I'd like it a lot more. Good design though, are there going to be any more bows? I'm sure this will become Mr. Coinbiter's mos

DiablezzoAE 2387 days ago

AdventureCoins are golden, SirValorAE.

SirValor666 2387 days ago


Alan685 2387 days ago

It will be for mem only, right? T.T

n1vlek 2387 days ago

Long live the dragons!! what is the name? i doubt it will just be "Dragonbow"

GreenHam_AQW 2387 days ago

I don't suppose that will be non-member will it?

megapercyfan 2387 days ago

is it actually going to be ranged cuz if not screw that crap

Syrtees 2387 days ago

I sense a dragon based event approaching.

agentsteel 2387 days ago

it looks like it has a piece of twine (string for like sweater)

anaskulmos 2387 days ago

Woahhhhh awesome! Could you also release one with black instead of gold? :O Awesome!

_Darkot_ 2387 days ago

it looks kinda like an evolved falcon bow, this has to be acs, it to awesome to be for gold lol. Do you guys have an approximate price range for it yet?

LamepantsAQW 2387 days ago


_ZeeAli_ 2387 days ago

Looks like your ready to perform a masterful solo in a concert hall. Love the design. :D

Malkoir 2387 days ago

Gonna go great with Golden Centurion 8D What else will it go well with?

Legnave_FEZero 2387 days ago

What's next?

kundimanaqw 2387 days ago

Sweet when is it coming out cysero?

ShadzAE 2387 days ago

Interesting Bow, but I dont like the silver middle. Maybe golden is better? Golden Scales in the middle

AQWmedal 2387 days ago he has it but it looks different