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THIS is 6lbs of hamburger. You can bet we're not making burgers with it. #strangeusesformeat

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2474 days ago

THIS is 6lbs of hamburger. You can bet we're not making burgers with it. #strangeusesformeat


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twgchip 2385 days ago

Meat Bullet didn't work, What about a Meat Cannonball?

ckaminsk 2399 days ago

Were you on an episode of "Man vs. Food"?

FragChef 2409 days ago


MissKatastrofik 2433 days ago

make some meat moccasins their absolutely deliciously comfortable!

sickchuck 2467 days ago

Since it does not snow in S.F. it's the annual m5 versus m7 Christmas food fight.

SpiritMaster24 2470 days ago


MarianoBryant 2472 days ago


parrotheaddad5 2473 days ago

The last person who posted a nasty msg to Adam

StygianChains 2473 days ago

Shields, Welding Helmets, Leg Gear, Foliage? This is the intern that has to reorganize the shop right?

Shadowglove 2473 days ago

Ha! nice to..meat you.

Twilde90 2474 days ago

hmm... hamburger medication?

TrogloDAD 2474 days ago

Testing the old Myth that McBurgers are made from kangaroos and worms?

billfl 2474 days ago

This must be Buster's last meal.

JediMom1138 2474 days ago

So that's what is in your "Raw Meat" storage container

calladus 2474 days ago

"Using Shaped Charges, MythBusters will attempt to implode meat into a handy pill form."

kittenspeaks 2474 days ago

It kinda looks like you were sculpting a face into it. :-)

GOLDOVE777 2474 days ago

Something tells me it will wind up in evry nook and cranny in Jamies shop.I'm sure all the little critter at M5 will enjoy a very,very,very, well done snak!LOL

Brainlock72 2474 days ago

I would think you'd get more shine off you-know-who's head in the summer to cook that thing properly. ;)

Mew409 2474 days ago

I'll need sea salt, black pepper & a few pounds of barbecue sauce!

Charalei 2474 days ago

it looks like a face! or a skull kinda. eeeenh it's talking to meeee