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Have you always wanted to swing Santa's head around in sword form? ME TOO!

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1719 days ago

Have you always wanted to swing Santa's head around in sword form? ME TOO!


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neora5 1705 days ago

Kringleblade is from the Battleon present

Hokoko 1706 days ago

probaly one of the sword presents, BTW gotta make sure i have all presents

ANAneychik 1706 days ago

I'm thinking the BattleOn ones because the FrostReaver is now buyable...

neora5 1708 days ago

I think this sword might come from either Tinsel's present or one of them in Battleon

DatIbby 1711 days ago

You should see a therapist about these urges. Maybe one who wears only left socks....

neora5 1715 days ago

Is this the Kringleblade?

Bramman111_0001 1715 days ago

i dont think it is, i think it comes out of one of the presents, but hey, ya never know.

GriefAE 1715 days ago

If thats the personal weapon designed by Cysero for that cookie contest..then i am pretty dissapointed. :/
(its still cool...but...meh)

ShadowDragAE 1716 days ago

Ooooh, is that in one of the boxes?

AlanzaDemonica 1716 days ago

Blackboa123: You have to work for the games

Blackboa123 1717 days ago

how do u become a mod?

Ropun_TSD 1718 days ago

Wait a minute, WHERE'S this item in aqw?

DEALWITHEET 1718 days ago


DEALWITHEET 1718 days ago

lat me see... coll and big MENBER! -.-''

lord_of_anarchy 1719 days ago

god cysero you scare me and amaze me at the same time

nearoae 1719 days ago

yes, you know me so well cysero... iv always wanted to! =D

LamepantsAQW 1719 days ago


kundimanaqw 1719 days ago


Sky_Ever 1719 days ago

This sword gives me creep outs :/

LillyAQW 1719 days ago

The frost dragon was a for the month.. it wasn't technically for Frostval.