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Dragonburst, new gun.

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2351 days ago

Dragonburst, new gun.


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AQWmedal 2348 days ago

its just too epic awesome me is gettin mem this week (hopefully) so ima get it asap

Alan685 2350 days ago

Awesome is it mem only?

Ropun_TSD 2350 days ago

lol awesomeness! Though I probably won't buy it...

ZanaThirteen 2350 days ago

ummm moglin shooting bazooka next please.

KovuDesign 2350 days ago

if its in quibble i'm gonna estimate the price to be... 400 acs. I got this :P

Kitsukaru 2350 days ago

guns in AQW?? D:

AQWUser 2350 days ago

looks kind of like a ZMG from Goldeneye except with some red dots and some green

Xelestus 2350 days ago

MP5K modified to little older look =D

Orphantine 2350 days ago

***If you have a gun/Bow

Orphantine 2350 days ago

I know how to fire a gun in AQWorlds :D

Have the mage class up to Rank 8 and fight a monster, and during the fight Back away(Pretty far) and use fireball.

KarpousiAE 2351 days ago

Are these guns gonna be in Epic Duel? (Even though you dont have full control over it)

Kricharo 2351 days ago


Kricharo 2351 days ago

OMG EPICLY COOL SUPER-DUPER-LEMON-QOOPER FANTASTIC BRILLIANT FANTABRIANT AQWSOME!!! i ove this gun! first gun that i have actually EVER liked!!! PLEASE BE AC AND LIMITED TIME... and lease make ALOT more like it.

YenielAQW 2351 days ago


ZyrainVX 2351 days ago

I'll Buy it if it's Limited and ACs. :P

Syrtees 2351 days ago

You would make a guna Based off the SMG II

AqwAddi 2351 days ago

epic gun

DiablezzoAE 2351 days ago

You're not alone, Diabolo. I wish to know if it will go rare too.

YenielAQW 2351 days ago

Awsome! Will it be limited time only? I always ask that because I'm a rare hunter.

Lady_Adella 2351 days ago

OOO!!!! New Toy!