Shawne Merriman


3-Time Pro Bowl Outside Linebacker, Buffalo Bills.

@OGOchoCinco see u sunday

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1994 days ago

see u sunday


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1017GRank 1990 days ago

Kick Shawne Merriman's ass !

j_muskles 1991 days ago

AND BLACK MEXICAN? wtf is that? its retarded! if i was a mexican i would sue ur ass for tryin to be like me and u cant! your stupid! y dont u try doin what u get paid to do and thats play GOOD football!

j_muskles 1991 days ago

HAHAHA YEA RIGHT! He will rip ur head off chad and i cant wait to see it. you aint nuttin but a show and u cant play ball so u gotta do dumb sh** like this to get attention. im goona watch the game just so i can see you get knocked out. GO BROWNS!!! WOOF

dadiaz23 1992 days ago

Funny stuff...Shawne's gonna chop number 85 in half on Sunday. Go Chargers!!!! RIP CH.

manduhh88 1992 days ago

hahahaha LMFAO u fooooolssss lol

balamzitou 1993 days ago

Hillarious.. man.. I would like to see that happening.. Ocho.. you dont even stand a chance man.. " Remember.. stupid.. hurts.." Go Bolts! RIP CH

mybrneyes 1993 days ago

wtf LMBO

Bobby_Byrne 1993 days ago

careful chad...he might use his roid rage against you. i got you're back 85. ihopeamothafuckadoesss!

janellejanelle 1993 days ago

things that are funny: merriman's mohawk fading into the hair in the original pic gives him a nice receding hairline effect. also if you notice, his hair and beard look like mirror images. love it! ((rip chris henry... you, your family, friends and tea

GayleCartwright 1993 days ago

Too Cute, I feel bad for Ocho today I know he is so hurt missing his friend.. RIP Chris Henry.

BarrettJohnson1 1993 days ago


patriotsfan9590 1993 days ago

WAMW tell me this ain't funny! haha love the tweets all the time, dont forget this sunday is your chance to be great like any other day!

FunnyTwitPix 1993 days ago

This is Funy! (Retweet this and we'll post it at

demarpatriot 1993 days ago


demarpatriot 1993 days ago

Freaking hilarious

biglnyc 1993 days ago

Sorry for your loss..chris henry will truly be missed

jessicah82 1993 days ago

So sorry for the loss of a team mate...I am from cincy and i know we are all in shock..

Jonesblood919 1993 days ago


KDL_24 1993 days ago

hahahahaha I never laughed so hard until I saw this

CaioPalmito 1993 days ago

Funniest thing ever and I'm a Charger