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no idea why this happens

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2622 days ago

no idea why this happens


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TheFabJ 2602 days ago

Could be the way you breathe when you excercise. Increase of oxygen and all.

BradyDale 2617 days ago

Yo, I sneeze in bright light (especially the sun). Isn't that weird? I can feel the light tickling my nose.

georgianalee 2622 days ago

Me too! Mine is only since I broke my brain. The meds for my brain affect my CO2 levels so could be connected.

mathewaugustus 2622 days ago

i think i might have something like this too.

accelastar 2622 days ago

WAIT WHAT? I had no idea! I always yawn when I work out; now I feel pretty special.

emoreth 2622 days ago

I was told in karate that it's because your body wants more oxygen. It may help to take fuller breaths - counting "one-and-two" for breathing in and "three-and-four" for breathing out. I've found doing that makes me feel less fatigued, too.

saraellis 2622 days ago

I think this is my favorite of the tweet comics so far. Your expression in the last panel, hahaha. Dang.

beatonna 2622 days ago

yess this is a good club

varmazis 2622 days ago

huh, that happens to me too. i just thought it was because i go to the gym too late! (then again i am a photic sneezer so i'm already weird)

JennHolton 2622 days ago

Happens to me, too.

ChrisHallbeck 2622 days ago

I'm apparently in the group of people that yawn when they see a comic of someone yawning.

ThatShaneDavis 2622 days ago

I'm in that percentage of people too!