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will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.

I took the photo and left a note in the frame.

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2500 days ago

I took the photo and left a note in the frame.


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AngelofTheRave 2499 days ago

This wins at life. I want to see the look on their faces when they found that. XD

punkprincess92 2500 days ago

i want that piece of paper...

bellaantimatter 2500 days ago

I kinda resent the notion that Winnipeg hotel staff are illiterate, or old dumpy Ednas.

harael_alasari 2500 days ago

ahem...stupid word limit... "...Jingle Bells while in the spaceship. Who do you think gave them the harmonica?"

harael_alasari 2500 days ago

This is just about the most awesome/hilarious thing I've seen in a long time. Almost as awesome as when Bob Dylan said, "There was a group of astronauts who broke out smuggled silver bells and a harmonica on Christmas and did their own version of Jingle B

romuloyaron 2500 days ago

What will the room maid do with this autograph so many of us want... [sigh]

4WheelDrive 2500 days ago

Good one SirLarry!

Steve_Ince 2500 days ago

Is this slow motion Twitter?

plainDropOut 2500 days ago

what's in the photo?

marilyn_cole 2500 days ago

Now they have your note in the frame...until another guest takes it and leaves a picture...

catalyst_echo 2500 days ago

The ideal response to such a strange situation....

helenedefer 2500 days ago

Hotel staff are great about being involved in a little fun conspiracies! I once had a hotel import a case of beer from Portugal just for me because someone told them I like Super Bock. :)

sirlarryfleming 2500 days ago

Thats not what they meant when they said "take some pictures"

Kimpak 2500 days ago

No its the bit of napkin with some famous authors autograph on it thats worth gajillions ;)

zombiegeisha 2500 days ago

Frames = Instant Art.
I can picture a dumpy, little, hunched over lady named Edna griping in her native language, "WTF?" and throwing out the note and keeping the frame to later use for a Christmas present. o_o I'm gonna have more coffee now.

Esmertina 2500 days ago

See, you never watch Antiques Roadshow. It's always the frame that is worth gajillions.