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Dept of delightful mysteries: in hotel room, by my bed, is a framed photo of my children. How did it get there?

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2589 days ago

Dept of delightful mysteries: in hotel room, by my bed, is a framed photo of my children. How did it get there?


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frankwkelly 2561 days ago

Thoughtful... but slightly weird. I would have been torn between thankful and very afraid.

RoboRoxy 2589 days ago

you don't happen to be in Room 1408, do you?...RUN AWAY!!!

gevmage 2589 days ago

Slightly weird, not creepy. All three photos from Neil's blog. If N doesn't use code name to check in, and there's a fan on staff, easy to construct.

catalyst_echo 2589 days ago

That is very very strange.

zombiegeisha 2589 days ago

Interdimensional osmosis.

BigEnsley 2589 days ago

i'm gonna go with thoughtful. clearly his assistant or one of his staff members thought it would be a nice touch of home. i say they've earned a little extra christmas bonus. :)

jambrain 2589 days ago

I did it, mystery solved....

MrBillyBones 2589 days ago

Guessing the one featured in the middle had something to do with it. I'd start my investigation there.

Cl1ffman 2589 days ago

Maybe your family misses you and they knew what hotel you were staying at? This could, like someone else already said before, either be very sweet or very creepy. What do you think?

gaminette 2589 days ago

Um, at least they're *your* children!

ana_asch 2589 days ago

hmm, seems like you got back home and still think you're in a hotel room?

eduardoarake 2589 days ago

that's what I call a hangover

spearminting 2589 days ago

What a glorious mystery it is, though.

ingievv 2589 days ago

You put it there yourself and then took a picture and made us believe it mysteriously appeared. Taaah-daaah!

red_tom 2589 days ago

You forgot you put it in your rider, along with 2 purring ocelots and a tube of smarties with all the brown ones removed.

ShoMarq 2589 days ago

That is simultaneously very creepy and very kind. I hope it's mostly kind though, because if not, that'd be EXTRA creepy.

cattyandco 2589 days ago

Maybe it's like the Gideon Bible -- there's a picture of your family in every hotel room, everywhere, placed there by lovers of wonderfully creepy children's books.

NehiRofSky 2589 days ago

The power of love...:)))

jewishlibrary 2589 days ago

It appears as if someone framed your children!

VestnyttKai 2589 days ago

It got there from someone who loves you. A very very good sign!