music gumbo moves me......hip rock, funk and soul, gonna watch this party grow, let's go!!!!!

This is the dressing rm of the two ladies on tour...not mentioning any names Steph and Nirva :)

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2504 days ago

This is the dressing rm of the two ladies on tour...not mentioning any names Steph and Nirva :)


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flameoffire30 2477 days ago

lol, I had a typo in that last message and IDK why we cannot go back and edit, but I meant to say it is ok for MEN to look just aiight.

flameoffire30 2477 days ago

That's pretty clean, where is all the make up, shoes, different outfits that didn't work? See women are more finicky that men. We are EXPECTED to primp and be fabulous. It's ok for me to look just aiight though. Can you say, double standard? lol :P

jgmommy 2486 days ago

Girls have to have their stuff, K?

_JesusFanatic_ 2503 days ago

HeHe! I always think it's funny how girls seem to bring half the house with them on trips! I guess we want to make sure we always have everything we need. :) Guys are probably smarter for packing light though. ;)

jheyward1 2504 days ago

Wow small room lots of stuff. How many rooms are there for everyone else? You have one just for you rite bein headliner and all.

angelstars1 2504 days ago

They sure don't look like they travel light . God grants you the grace to put up with them I'm sure .

sarahisawriter 2504 days ago

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...ha-ha :)

poopedtwinzmom2 2504 days ago

do ya'll carry irons? how do you keep your clothes from looking wrinkled coming out of those bags?? you guys always look so sharp! thnx for coming to rocky mount, nc toby - i know you tought you were spreading the good news 'to the ends of the earth..'

fortified1 2504 days ago

Ladies, need to represents us sisters better than that..

DaisyPJs63 2504 days ago

where are all your bags Toby??? does this include your stuff?