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The only way to eat a hot dog

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2479 days ago

The only way to eat a hot dog


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72suited 2472 days ago

hottttt ... pockettttts ...

grizzcheese 2476 days ago

i like my hot dog asian style. made with real dog ooooo yum

killersmiss 2478 days ago

if there are no other condiments!

kaffoyanadel 2479 days ago

where is the bacon?

jimdeweatherguy 2479 days ago

Hey! Who put mustard on Angela Jolie's lips?

Mr_SuperAmazing 2479 days ago

ummmm.....is that a stick of butter?

fayek 2479 days ago

hot dog = the dog, bread, relish, onion, ketchup, mustard.
no cheese and definitely no mayo

AlyzabethM 2479 days ago

Where's the mayo?!! Where's the ketchup?!! I thought you said it was the only way to eat a hotdog.

Fabutab 2479 days ago


Perno 2479 days ago

Things you don't talk about 1) Religion 2) Politics 3) Hot dog preparation. Since nobody will change their mind at the end.

danheinz 2479 days ago

i'm from chicago, you need to drag that through the garden

HippyChick613 2479 days ago

Oh you ruined it with the pickle. Relish a small bit but an entire pickle slab? That better be deli mustard and not that cheap yellow crap. LOL!

ahoypolloi 2479 days ago

wrap that sucka in bacon and deep-fry it, and then talk to me (surely you are familiar with crif dogs, jim?)

knzay 2479 days ago

That hot dog bun is such a slut. getting DPd by a weiner and a pickle!

SchneiderMule06 2479 days ago

It's at River Rd and Grand Ave... Good food. Just don't ask for ketchup or catsup.

SchneiderMule06 2479 days ago

When you come to Chicago you should check out Gene annd Judes in River Grove... Double dog with fries...mmm

snake_tits 2479 days ago

Are you pregnant Jim? Or do you just naturally crave hot dogs topped with a pickle?

TheDamnTinman 2479 days ago

...with a pickle next to your weiner?...between your buns?...to each their own

TheFieryFox 2479 days ago

That "pickle" looks like splintered wood.

bananarobots 2479 days ago

That's about a third of a Chicago dog. You're almost there.