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Wanna watch the coolest room of the whole new studio... my place... a 4 foot square of love

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1586 days ago

Wanna watch the coolest room of the whole new studio... my place... a 4 foot square of love


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nobukina 1585 days ago

yeah ..I used to have a bed like that lol .

heatheryfe 1585 days ago

Ah but the foetal position is so comfy! Love you Chuck x

mardoche 1585 days ago

Pain?? You don't know what is it right?
You are the courageous Captain Twitter!!! You can't feel pain!!!

Myrismith 1585 days ago

lol! I like your modest lifestyle! I guess that as long as you are happy...everything's perfect then! lol! You should ask Sef to come and sing you lullabies at times! What??? Isn't your new lifestyle about evolving???lol!

BrendaVancamp 1585 days ago

Sleep tight my sweet son.

Corbijn2 1585 days ago

4 foot space is wide enough to contain all YFE's love!!! I'm sure you'll rock it out, anywhere you are!! Simple...that's a great way of know how to sail like it! Like a Champion Captain, because you are!!!

Robert_Dude 1585 days ago

Lol!!! You really lok comfortable Captain! even you head really seem full of blood! Better not fall asleep like that, you'll wake up with a HUGE Headhack! LOL

momenemy 1585 days ago

green for hope! parfait!! and yes, dear Cap, you are INDEED a winner!! good thing you've lost some weight...

Lilsie_ 1585 days ago

I'm happy that you are enjoying it. :D

YFESue 1585 days ago

Oh my Captain... as cosy as it looks... I do think you need just a touch more space.... even if it is only to stretch out...

allasultanova 1585 days ago

Try to lie on a back.)) it is possible so it will be more convenient)))

Moose_enemy 1586 days ago

We told you, if you were a ''mauvais garçon'' you would end up in a different room!

aki_i2 1586 days ago

Mr.Captain! Is your body safe?

YFEFRANCE 1586 days ago

Vous voulez voir la pièce la plus cool du studio, un carré d'amour de 4 pieds