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It's been quite a joyful 2nd day for Jeffy The Clown... watch him seeding happiness... lol...

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1690 days ago

It's been quite a joyful 2nd day for Jeffy The Clown... watch him seeding happiness... lol...


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heatheryfe 1689 days ago

Jeff you make one bad ass scary clown. Be afraid Sef!

Myrismith 1690 days ago

LOL!!! I wish I could meet you at the grocery store someday!!! What is your touring schedule??? LOL! You have tees for sale too? My sister acts like a clown at would be nice for her to have one I guess! lol!

BrendaVancamp 1690 days ago

Your the best Jeffy.

Corbijn2 1690 days ago

Terrorizing people with joy...? Joy is not terrorizing when you are free, it is supposed to be a way of living, not something to do or something to try and's a way to be, in happiness and freedom!! YEah!!

Robert_Dude 1690 days ago

haha!! Jeffy the crazy clown yeah... You really look like a psychopath like that! LOL Pretty nice video tho!!:D

momenemy 1690 days ago

there was actually one lady who smiled at you! maybe she would like to get to know YFE better! she's got a child's heart for sure!

Lilsie_ 1690 days ago

hahaha!! you are the king of clown!!!!!XDXDXD

YFESue 1690 days ago

ha ha I guess the good thing is he will be able to go back there afterwards and nt be recognised without his make up!!! So funny though...thank you for making us smile

allasultanova 1690 days ago

Jeff you the robber? This robbery?

YFEFRANCE 1690 days ago

Très bonne seconde journée pour Jeffy le Clown. Regardez-le semer la joie

nobukina 1690 days ago

did you film it at Costco? haha..that is SO right should no be in a little box but in BIGGER box .I can tell you are the winner for this one !! haha..sorry Sef!

moco_ 1690 days ago

HAHAHA Jeff!!! You are my sunshine. No.No..You are everyone's sunshine.