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1712 days ago


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denica94 1588 days ago

ОMG I can not believe. GOD PEOPLE is this WATER THAT THEY ARE DRINKING ? I can not believe how is it possible I am so sorry ;( ;(

IAmTheNewBarbie 1685 days ago

this makes me think about how ppl take everday for granted :( poor kids!

the_crone95 1686 days ago

thats so sad... alyssa, me and you should buy 100 bottles of FIJI WATER and ship it to them...

parisgirl94 1686 days ago

poor pple how can we live in this world while some hav nothing

parisgirl94 1686 days ago

oh that remind me Africa

Alexviolet 1687 days ago

are these the kids you saved money for like with the fundraiser but is sad like the boy in the blue shirt on the left i mean look how badly you can see his ribs

BillCarlson_27 1695 days ago

That's sad, just a reminder of how good we have it & too often take it all for granted...

ILoveKenya 1706 days ago

... the leaders of those countries are VERY corrupt.

mariine_jallais 1707 days ago

poor children poor children )=

lovelyelena89 1707 days ago

Poor children, poor people.Alyssa you the clear head that you help another. (L).

bobbycabby 1708 days ago

I bet even the poor here don't have these problems!! What r the leaders of these countries doing????

Faders_Up 1708 days ago

In a world of iPhones, internet, a Hubble telescope exploring other galaxies and technologies beyond our wildest dreams.... This is heart breaking and makes no sense.

cyberceas 1710 days ago

''I'm gonna do whatever I can to help!''

laurawalker86 1710 days ago

Look at this picture, then visit here> can you spare $1?

scottrichardstr 1711 days ago

That is something i do not approve of water should be clean as my father created who art in heaven

lisa_mr 1711 days ago

omg that is horrible :( I am happy I donated.

BarryCassidy_ 1711 days ago

this just blew my mind, I'm waiting on my very first credit card in the mail, the first thing I am doing with it is donating

ILoveKenya 1711 days ago

: He is drinking water. Water that is not filtered, water that is parasitic and unhealthy to drink.

TikiDawl 1711 days ago

This just isn't right. Shouldn't still be happening :(

browneeg 1711 days ago

Wow,this is a reality check for me and bought me out of unconsciousness around this issue these people face daily! thank you!