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The most finicky treat I have ever made.

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1931 days ago

The most finicky treat I have ever made.


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iswpw 1020 days ago

Take, eat, this is my noodly appendage.

tanbonomannaka 1468 days ago

so cute.

lizwoedl 1660 days ago

i am so glad I saw these before the holiday! Recipe?

spiffykittytamr 1929 days ago


joeldey 1930 days ago

The good people at get the credit for the recipe and the technique: I get the credit for the hours spent nitpicking over these things, and for opening my heart to be touched by His Noodly Appendage.

mic2007 1930 days ago

this is absolute ridiculos. ttly made my day #spagetthi-monster #cookies #plaetzchen & #gebaeck

SilwerSurfer 1930 days ago

Yeah !

keeponrunning 1930 days ago

u should see my Invisible Pink Unicorn cookies. They r incredible but sadly cant be seen with a camera as they r invisible.

MalloryRayne 1930 days ago

Where can I find the recipe?

aaronbieber 1931 days ago

If this is like the secular version of communion, I'm in!

the_jinx 1931 days ago

Holy cookies !! They look very nice. .

joeldey 1931 days ago

The link references was my source for this technique. Kudos to them! The eyeballs were pretty difficult with lots of wasted, partially crushed attempts.

MaggielizAhrens 1931 days ago

Directions on how to make these are available from the folks who hammered this out about 2 years ago -

this was pointed out by Oskay, on Boing Boing.

Are you one of the folks over at evil

stuttermonkey 1931 days ago

I'm guessing they're mostly crunchy chow mein noodles with butterscotch. The eyes are probably malted milk balls cut in half, the pupils are small chocolate sprinkles held on with clear, melted gumballs, and the "meatballs" are chocolate cereal.

ptzar 1931 days ago

Wholly Delectable Matey!

RainGlobule 1931 days ago

Nah, I don't think those are pretzels. They look like those things at the salad bar...I don't know what you call them. Hey Joel can we get this recipe?

zaren 1931 days ago

Milk balls, marshmallows, cocoa puffs... pretzels? to make edible FSMs?