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So flattered right now :) A fan of mine got a portrait of me tattooed on him! xo

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2479 days ago

So flattered right now :) A fan of mine got a portrait of me tattooed on him! xo


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AliceXTwin 2463 days ago


AliceXTwin 2463 days ago


DGAFGINA 2469 days ago


angelawinning 2470 days ago

Thats badass(:

pdianaa 2474 days ago


aNarwhal 2474 days ago

my brain can't even begin to wrap around the simplest of excuses as to why this is a good idea. i hate people.

EzzyParada 2474 days ago


hisabottt 2474 days ago

Should've chosen a better picture of

timbedinosaur 2474 days ago

Is it too late for an abortion

kelseysurfriend 2475 days ago

That might be the most horrific, disturbing thing I have ever seen...

AndrewTansill 2475 days ago

You're fucking kidding me right? She looks like the demon spawn child of Amy Winehouse.

nosleeprecords 2475 days ago

epic fail

OhWowitssloane 2475 days ago

I personally find this awesome

vanessaarcade 2475 days ago

OH MY GOD...thats crazzy!

husoldier420 2476 days ago

Fuck those haters, this is amazing. I'd get your beautiful face tattooed right over my heart :) haha.

Ahhtheennna 2477 days ago

It dont look that badd .

Ahhtheennna 2477 days ago

Hahahah , i love melissa < 3

JeffreesWorld 2478 days ago

mk, so the person who said melissa is fat? uh hmm ---> yeah?

Alexis_EB 2478 days ago

you'd think he'd choose a more flattering picture? haha, but who GAF? At least it's fun.

chelseysmile666 2479 days ago

haha the best :)