Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Riding indoors...

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2716 days ago

Riding indoors...


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navy_ 2702 days ago

People of ATX this place is majorly (did I spell that right?) tricked out! Go and TRAIN!!!! YAY MEllow Johnnys!
and KEvin and Staff!

wildcatterswife 2710 days ago

Austin Girl knows her Texas BBQ. Hint: It ain't Salt Lick. (Nice bike)

turbalejo 2713 days ago

just read this again after a long time. still a great read and respect from one rider to another.
"There I am all alone with my bike. I know of only two riders ahead of me as I near the end of the second climb on what most riders consider the third wor

robshedden 2713 days ago

Is it me our is the color of the wall the same as the maglia rosa!!

thazlett 2715 days ago

Thanks for the salsa reciepe.

h00v3r 2715 days ago

Blech - I can smell the sweaty armpits just by looking at the picture.

James_Rai 2715 days ago

What you can't see is the huge plasma screen...

vickygal 2715 days ago

Bet I can ride that bike faster than you Lance...and juggle at the same time...uh huh

adamogiovane 2715 days ago

How do I get to train with you Lance?!

Kiddsisko 2715 days ago

Must have been a sale on pink paint. Perhaps the unseen walls are yellow and gold?

jquaglia 2715 days ago

I thought stationary bikes were for senior citizens!

ninrage 2716 days ago

Since you did 2 hours, I will do 2.5 to 3 hours of PS coupled with a T ride!

pedrodomenech 2716 days ago

He-he!! Look after yourself. Cycling indoor can be an excelent alternative, and funny (of course!!)

thazlett 2716 days ago

Vicklygal, what is your salsa recipe?

vickygal 2716 days ago

My God....It's...It's the Three Stooges...aawww...c'mon Curly you know who you are...nge, nge, nge...

chiefmd12 2716 days ago

nice guys...i need to get to it as well

jakelewis 2716 days ago

What's with the pink walls?! Nice set up though. Beats my shed hands down!!

mitjaoter 2716 days ago

Cold? What cold? Girlymen!! ;))))

brianandkat 2716 days ago

Hey, Lance...get Kevin on the bike!!

papisongouno 2716 days ago

you guys need to live in the northeast.. 38 degrees is still summer time
(outdoor riding), to us - lol