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At my son's Christmas concert. The folks at VEVO have nothing on these kids!

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2246 days ago

At my son's Christmas concert. The folks at VEVO have nothing on these kids!


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sydneypenrith 2104 days ago

I'm Australian Jordanian, I Been Here For Last 20 Never Went Back To Jordan Since ,i Watch one of You'r Tv Intervew In USA .
I Would Like To Inform You That , Western As USA , Australia,,,ETC. They Descriminate Aganst All Arabs ,We Face That Her

lordcrespo 2209 days ago

Queen Rania, the world loves you...go on this way!

Jennafermax 2219 days ago

would wish you Joy and Light...You are Lovely ..If you wish to add me that would be lovely,Warmest Greetings Love Jennafer Max

Jennafermax 2219 days ago

Queen Rania..I am amazed to see how wonderfully warm Jordan is and Isn't it nice to Live with such Grace at the same time Enjoying your Children(s).
For each day is a gift..I know all to well my sister was just diagnosed with Terminal Lung Cancer. I woul

RanaMogabgab 2220 days ago

Beautiful pic. Nice way of putting it metri52...we should change perceptions and stereotypes. Yes there are Christians in the Arab world and we all celebrate our feasts freely but most importantly with each other. Lebanon and Jordan are a perfect case for

lastclip 2234 days ago

God bless

feriall 2237 days ago

to burke 1961, indeed muslim don't celebrate christmas.
we celebrate "eid" and we have a special day which is the friday.

burke1961 2238 days ago

I thought Muslims didn't celebrate Christmas? Not being offensive, just genuinely curious.

x__5 2239 days ago

رنو مافية صور جديدة :)

metri52 2239 days ago

DEC 25, Christmas day, official holiday for all Jordanians. I am so proud to be a chrisitan Jordanian. Happy new year to all. Long live the King and Queen of Jordan.

zest1234 2240 days ago

Are'nt you the wife of a man who is a leader of a Muslim land? I don't get it ???

BananKharabsheh 2240 days ago

they so cute :) god bless.

MudarZahran 2241 days ago

They sure look very cute Your Majesty, I also wonder how they got em all to sitstill, my 3 kids put Santa into tears last week when I was trying to take a photo of all three in Santa's lap.

mohammedjordan 2242 days ago

its look so great,hope your majisty be happy

fatima10g 2243 days ago

hi queen rania you are so beatiful me fatima from algeria i'like you se muche

Laramq 2243 days ago

Queen Rania, Thank you for posting this picture that people know how christmas is nice in Jordan. God bless your family, my family and all the other families.

MairnaF 2243 days ago

It is so cute... they look like angels...

PrayMaddyMcCann 2245 days ago

How Cute! Aw It's Great To See This Kind Of Thing Reflecting Christmas And Not So Much The Money Spending Culture.

That's One Very Tall Child At The Back There, Though- And He Looks Kind Of Flat And Is That My Christmas Pressies I See On His Back?...

RolaJuma 2245 days ago

Beautiful sight
All of them together to paint a smile
My love and respect to you Your Majesty

Jae143 2246 days ago

we need a circle or an arrow to find him. awesome that u recognize various religions in ur country