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Ice sculpture of Stewie as Darth Vader. Cool!

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2449 days ago

Ice sculpture of Stewie as Darth Vader. Cool!


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MrChrismitchell 2394 days ago

I see through your ways

IceandmoreIce 2447 days ago

This sculpture was done by a California Company ICE BULB
you can view them at www.icebulb.com

jomareewade 2447 days ago

but where is your baby ice lord NOW, wheaton? down some storm water drain? bwahahahaha!

Arwenae 2448 days ago

This fills me with geek-joy.

blacksyryn_Remy 2448 days ago

...wouldn't the heat from the lamp melt the left side faster than the right?

Kellie197500 2448 days ago

That is awesome!!!!! I love it!!!

radiometricx 2449 days ago


antaresknight 2449 days ago

Love the sculpture~

Peteuplink 2449 days ago

Haha! That's brilliant!

lana_lou 2449 days ago

So freaking Awesome...

lawschool10 2449 days ago

That is SO awesome! Not usually a fan of ice sculptures, but this one is totally worth it.

jshier 2449 days ago

Needs more blurry.

qtcat 2449 days ago

It's all in the details. COOL :p

funkzillaBOT 2449 days ago

Love it.

OMGwyn 2449 days ago

omg that is so epic

bcaton2 2449 days ago

I think Stewie is one of the greatest characters of our times, and i love the Brian/stewie dynamic. Plus, everything is better with Star Wars ;-)

BittenUsagi 2449 days ago

That is awesome!

Kathy_Jayne 2449 days ago

That's some impressive Schwartz.

JCB1978 2449 days ago

That is so so awesome. I wish I were you!

LuxxCapacitor 2449 days ago

Man Brazen, that's like a bad line from the Batman & Robin movie.