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No comment needed... WATCH...

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2391 days ago

No comment needed... WATCH...


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heatheryfe 2388 days ago

Oh yes, this says it all! Is Jeffy the Clown available for Aishy's bday party on Thursday? LOL!

FaithWinchester 2389 days ago

OMG, I need this picture for my presentation...both look so funny on it. And this will be definitally 3 interesting days for Sef. lol

momenemy 2390 days ago

it's going to be an interesting 3 days for Jeff said, who won Saturday night? often things are not as they seem at first glance! (I love it when that happens! lol)

SuperFatoni 2390 days ago

How can we hate a clown like that? Myabe by hearing his voice! You're CRAZY, Jeff, you know that?lol

BrendaVancamp 2390 days ago

You have to admit he makes a good clown.

Robert_Dude 2390 days ago

LOL!! Jeff... That's really one of your best one Bro!!! You are amazing!!

YFESue 2391 days ago

Ha ha I hate clowns too... but I will maybe learn to love them now! Jeff you are a natural! Not sure about the business meetings... but I think Sef may be the loser in the end!!! I still have the tears of laughter!

Lilsie_ 2391 days ago

ahahaha... Jeff, you are the best entertainer in the world!!!!!hahahaha...

mardoche 2391 days ago

Like I can see you don't like clowns so maybe the music for clown? hummm not smile?
Hummm this

Myrismith 2391 days ago

LOL!!! Awesome video!!! You guys are SOOOOOOOOO funny!!! Man...I almost pied in my pants!!!lol! I don't know if I'll be able to stop myself from doing so...for 3 whole days!!! LOL!!! OMG!! I'll try!!!

Ben_Enemy 2391 days ago

I can't believe it, watch this, you'll never see life the same way after.

kanuelcharron 2391 days ago

well I'd say one comment... AMAZING!!!!! lol Jeff, you are the best clown I have ever seen! and Sef, I am sure that even you had a hard time not to laugh ;)

n_keiko 2391 days ago

Hahaha. Jeff!!
You are So Cute.

Corbijn2 2391 days ago

How could you hate Jeefyclown? This clown is the sexyiest one I've ever seen!!! You rock curly rainbow of joy!!!

ruthy33 2391 days ago

Love you so much guys !!!!!

Sweet_Melody22 2391 days ago

ahahhahah this is soooo PRICELESS!!!! I dunno whats funnier.. Sef's face or Jeff's dance moves!!! you guys rock!!!

Sammeh_ 2391 days ago

Hahahaha Sef looks like he's already regretting agreeing to this one.

Caroline2pique 2391 days ago

Quand je pense que je croyais avoir tout vu après ta danse mais là... là... Jeff t'es le meilleur !!!

Hereisagoodone 2391 days ago

poor sef... now you have to handle not only a victory at your hockey bet..but also a clown in your face for 3 days!!

YFEFRANCE 2391 days ago

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