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Sublime!!... New singer sounds exactly like original

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2356 days ago

Sublime!!... New singer sounds exactly like original


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ShannonRobb 2355 days ago

sorry if i was nasty in anyway or offended anyone with what i said i only meant to say that the comment was a bit mean and that audrina does know about music and not everyone has the same opinon :)

luckylauracohen 2355 days ago

I love Sublime! awesome. :)

mariebearx 2355 days ago

yourself look bad with that comment. sorry for the 4 comments :) i'm not even that huge of a fan, i just don't like mean people.

mariebearx 2355 days ago

wanted them to just stop, but it's not my place to say. never mind the fact that just because she may apparently disagree with you... it doesn't make her stupid, and it doesn't mean she "doesn't know shit" about music. but it's okay, you really only made

mariebearx 2355 days ago

sublime and was just expressing her enjoyment of this band's performance. and unlike you, she feels no need to criticize the rest of sublime for their choices to continue their music... which, by the way, what's so bad about that? i doubt brad would have

mariebearx 2355 days ago

wow, lizmcenaney, if i was classless i'd probably say that was a bit bitchy but instead i'm going to say that it's quite unfortunate that you wasted all that time responding to someone SO negatively who clearly meant nothing against the original singer of

ShannonRobb 2356 days ago

Have anything postive to say maybe you should keep it to yourself sorry for 3 comment btw and audrina You amazing on the hills so glad your not leaving

ShannonRobb 2356 days ago

Sorry did not let me say everything in fist comment clearly you don't watch the hills as she did work for epic records so she does know about music. I don't even listen to this band I just thought it was a bit harsh what you said next time if you don't ha

ShannonRobb 2356 days ago

In reponse to the first comment leave audrina alone it's her opnion not everyone will agree and yeah she does she has great taste I'm music go on her website only 16 and everything she puts o her playlist is amazing and if you watched the hills which cle

lizmcenaney 2356 days ago

uhh. shut up audrina. no one can even begin to duplicate brad's voice. i think it's fucked up that sublime is continuing without him. it's disgusting. and you're stupid audrina, you don't know shit about good music.

siruhlee 2356 days ago

fav band... but aw... no one can ever replace Bradley. RIP

HattieDerderian 2356 days ago

You like Sublime? Ha I love Sublime.. how about 311?

marbehu 2356 days ago

I want to be there :(

efybetancourt 2356 days ago

no fucking way!! Does he?? I love sublime!!:D

ItsVeroBlond 2356 days ago

Wooow! .. Exclent audrina ;) i love u

RobertaScherzy 2356 days ago

\o/! Audrina come to Brazil?! :)