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ARE YOU HOCKEY TONIGHT... tell me, who's gonna cry the big big tears of a crazy clown... watch:

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2414 days ago

ARE YOU HOCKEY TONIGHT... tell me, who's gonna cry the big big tears of a crazy clown... watch:


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kawaii_Tink 2414 days ago


Corbijn2 2414 days ago

Are the clown-to-be candidates nervous of the final result?? Hold on, the game is not fact, it is yet to begin!!!! Hahaha!! Can't wait to cry of laughter!!!

MUNE09 2414 days ago

I think so we can see all of Sef's makeup Jeff should shave his mustache and beard and then wax his face so we can see the full affect of his makeup

mardoche 2414 days ago

3-3 Oh my gosh!!!
It's an important time now!!! Come on HABS!!! GO HABS GO!!! GO HABS GO!!!!

Robert_Dude 2414 days ago

Haha!! Captain Clown!! You're not so lucky captain! Did you notice that for every challenge you pay for it... You always wear something weird:P ok 3-3... We're gonna have it!!

Ben_Enemy 2414 days ago

It's not gonna be a major change for Sef if he

kanuelcharron 2414 days ago

2-0!!!!! Sef, you'll be the sad clown tonight! Can't wait to see it!

Myrismith 2414 days ago

Don't cry or you'll screw up your clown face!!! Aren't you suppose to know about that Sef? Didn't you recently dress up as a lady??? Don't pretend you don't know such makeup tricks!!!

Caroline2pique 2414 days ago

Hahaha j'ai vraiment hâte de voir qui va porter cette magnifique tenue ! La perruque va déjà très bien à monsieur l'arbitre !

YFEFRANCE 2414 days ago

1-0 pour Montréal, Sef va pleurer ce soir, il n'a pas l'air content

mardoche 2414 days ago

LOL....who will become the clown of the HABS?
Who will become the mascot for the tricolour

Corbijn2 2414 days ago

I don't know what will be the plan for tonight but one thing is for sure...Are YOU HHOkeyyyyyyyyyyyy is not to miss!!

YFESue 2414 days ago

I want to see full clown make up too..... it will be amazing.. whoever loses.... but I do feel it is Jeff's turn to win!!!

Jeff_Enemy 2414 days ago

Three days of pure entertainment signed Sef! Ever saw a bearded clown??? lol! Get ready!!