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iviART 2512 days ago

walrus I

CoCoAnk 2525 days ago

It's all in the eyes :)

sarah_DMB 2648 days ago


emilylynn83 2656 days ago

This turns me on...just saying. Thank you for that.

suecq88 2660 days ago

I'm lovin' the Jesse Colin Young look! Maybe a ocver of the song with the chorus "That's the Way She Feels About You" this summer. . .whadda song!

drpdmb 2663 days ago

those eyes seem to speak a thousand words.... or maybe just a nice smoke?

deja_vinewine 2664 days ago

Reminds me of the Zohan..."I'm drawing them closer, like a fat q_ _ _ _ to a d_ _ _ sandwich!" I love it!

iPhoneArtWorks 2665 days ago

Dave-- is that u? Love the stache! And little caveman drawing on the wall is awesome

crisisteamtina 2666 days ago

You are FREAKING aaaawwwweeesoommmmmmmee

jeffbakertalks 2667 days ago

you look like you miss your friend...

aProtege 2667 days ago

That's one helluva mustache, Dave! You rock it!

zeppelinblind 2667 days ago

Tom Hanks!!

bartender_41 2668 days ago

a job well done!

bartender_41 2668 days ago

I just watched Lake City and it was great! Loved your role in it Dave, so cool to see you as the bad guy, I never thought I would hear the words "I'll Fucking Kill You" come out of your mouth lol. Just wanted to congratulate you on the movie and a job wel

Marmalade_Skies 2669 days ago

how is it I have missed THIS??? what with your lil lizard looking doodle up yonder there.. you make scruffy look dayum good boy!!!

AtomicShroom 2669 days ago

I know a good barber if you lost the straight edge.

StinkyShelby 2675 days ago

All that tousled hair... You's a babe.

FreeSkier41 2702 days ago

Nice winter growth, you look ready to hit the slopes in Park City. Grab Stephan and Yukon Cornelius and head on out for some white and fluffy

skitlz 2702 days ago

You look like Jason Lee from My Name is Earl.

steffjane 2703 days ago

Beautiful cheek bones....