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iviART 1963 days ago

walrus II

canadiandmbfan 2089 days ago

Creepy photo. Amazing man.

sodamnluckee 2117 days ago

starlite is my friend! And she is right about your mountain man look ;D

starlitedmb 2117 days ago

Damn!!! You are a scruffy Mountain Man!!

dmbdad41 2118 days ago

will this be mine...or dmbdad...I am trying to say I love it

dmbdad41 2118 days ago

No really.. I just love you!! Not dmbdad... oops

dmbdad41 2118 days ago

I just love you anyhow

crashintomedave 2118 days ago

hahaha i love oxycontin. I'm a nurse can I get you some. How bout demerol? That works wonders. Shhhh don't tell.

Marmalade_Skies 2120 days ago

everytime I see this picture, I htink.. "He's got angry eyes..Ooohhhhhh!!" hahaha

AtomicShroom 2120 days ago

You could play a mad man on 24 or Lost and you would nail it.

Cowboys1017 2126 days ago

gertrude doesn't like dogs. well thats just crazy

Dancies 2130 days ago

awesome pic, i dont think i should look at it for too long tho, its like the skull in the new indiana jones movie

TiffanyBJenks 2142 days ago

Crazy Easy, Love Me Pleasey!

katebabyluv 2145 days ago

You're kinda scary sometimes! Diggin' the 'stache though :)

jillyree 2147 days ago

You look like Dr. House. It's nice.

ideaofyou 2150 days ago

grizzly adams

fhpantera 2162 days ago

This is what happens when you mix the weed with the coffee! Not quite sure if you're headed up or down

wildflower73 2163 days ago

Very penetrating - a little like a photo of Manson.

dealtadawn 2163 days ago

yeah, if i didn't know you better, it would be a bit more creepy than it already is. dork...

elecarter 2163 days ago

Do You still think about the lonely shoes on a road? I think they are waiting for a ride to be thrown! Good reflex! Rssss