Al Yankovic


You know... the Eat It guy.

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1876 days ago


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Mascab37 1666 days ago

Weird al beats Obi wan by a long shot.

MKKubicek 1806 days ago

My nine year old son thinks "The Saga Begins" is the greatest song ever written. It has become a campfire staple. Thank you, Master Al.

t0c 1825 days ago

Hahahahahahah light saber...

algonacchick 1834 days ago

oh, wow. fantastic!!

EdGirr91 1834 days ago

this is awsome

Naurcalad 1834 days ago

The Force is strong with this one...

xShawnBoyx 1836 days ago

Nerds unite, Al's in da house errr ... Unite nerds, in house Al is

AllSeeingYoda 1858 days ago

Invited to this party, I was not. Disappointed, I am.

ComedyNurd 1861 days ago

Awesomeness Overload!!!

BelascoBlack 1872 days ago

I gotta ask who was smart enough to get in a picture with and devoted enough to S/F to leave the masks on? "I'm the Boba Fett!"No...IM the Boba Fett!"

LairdStabbard 1874 days ago

My god. The many ways in which that is brilliant.

Farbauti_GER 1874 days ago

Just so cool

bazzgirl 1874 days ago

You are, the un-weirdest person here, in the nicest way.

RocketJumper35 1874 days ago

Master "Weird Al", more to say, have you?

pSquishyp 1874 days ago


Sniktbub23 1874 days ago

okay, this is just awesome.

taggartwyatt 1875 days ago

Very Jedi, Al. Great Picture.

Jho_anne 1875 days ago

nice shot

jewishlibrary 1875 days ago

It also makes a great nightlight

MaidOfTheMissed 1875 days ago

Glad Weird Al does NOT have one of those Sissy pink schwarzes