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Our first twitpic caption contest. Source: AP

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2959 days ago

Our first twitpic caption contest. Source: AP


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writerJack 2678 days ago

who won

TheSocial_1 2936 days ago

Be careful Matt... The older we get, and that face tells me you might want to think about Depends :-)

hottotrot1 2958 days ago

...should been shoes.

kkozlen 2959 days ago

Brooke Shields could beat you both.

aseits 2959 days ago

Matt, Matt...if you were a Scientologist, you'd know how to arm wrestle.

WonderTwin 2959 days ago

Arm or thumb wrestle? Why not make it both? The wrestle smack down of the century. "You're going down Matt!" "Make me Tom!"

mkpetersennv 2959 days ago

Grrrrrr. This would have been less glib, had I only remembered my Stephen Colbert Wrist Strong Bracelet!

LauraKnapp 2959 days ago

Double hand wrestling match... Bring it Tom, Matt's gonna win!

kevhamm 2959 days ago

"...and the loser has to marry Ann Coulter!"

shmerin 2959 days ago

"Psst, Matt! Let me win, Suri's watching!"

seanodotcom 2959 days ago

Do you know what anabolic steroids are, Matt? Have you even SEEN _Over The Top_? I have.

coffeygrinds 2959 days ago

Honestly Hitler is dead you are under arrest!

my2gs 2959 days ago

"Matt...Matt...You just need more exercise and vitamins."

EricaAdams 2959 days ago

"You're glib"
"No, You're glib!"

CDX 2959 days ago

Oops... try again. "Winner gets Ann Curry's soul!"

CDX 2959 days ago

"Winner gets Anne Curry's soul!"