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Awww - @adamlambert and @krisallen greeted each other with a huge hug #Z100JBMSG

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2087 days ago

Awww - and greeted each other with a huge hug #Z100JBMSG


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swenti 2085 days ago

andrew berkowitz is that you?

CassWolf12 2086 days ago

Kris doesnt need a jacket cus hes already HOTTT:)

smudgedkisses 2086 days ago

They hugged!!

givethemblood 2087 days ago


rabbithoIe 2087 days ago

As in they need their own TV show.

rabbithoIe 2087 days ago

They're hilarious together.

mgps10 2087 days ago

Kris is the only one w/o jacket. I guess he is used to cold weather.

wintizz 2087 days ago


Lizsermars300 2087 days ago

KRADMA KRADM KRADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luverof_ 2087 days ago

what a brief kradam encounter

Number8gurl 2087 days ago

Everybody is bundled except for Kris....maybe cuz he's 'hot for Adam'?

Number8gurl 2087 days ago

Adam gets this same look on his face when he sees Kris...Adam bundled up much? LOL!!!

ashtash 2087 days ago

Trivia: Take a look at this pic, and guess what the temperature is outside? LOL

mywholeheartx3 2087 days ago

Awwe! Kradam is adorable! xD

briananicoleex3 2087 days ago

awwww:] haha love you adammm!:D