Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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2393 days ago


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Amb5_ 1602 days ago

i had to have a shot in my face, not for looks or anything, i was bitten and they numbed me so they could put the stitches in.

sportiegirl3320 2363 days ago

owch i hate shots that rite there makes my head hurt

Jen_Fla 2384 days ago

Julain M who plays Christian is what they call man pretty/hot! I loved him on Charmed. I have all seasons on DVD. I hate to see this one end so fast. Had another 5 seasons left, Friends aired for many yrs.

flowerlocket 2388 days ago

Gross, I would rather have lines. I hate needles... guess that's why I don't watch it.

sammy9110 2389 days ago

Tops off one of the best shows ever!

AthamesCurse 2391 days ago

That show is one of my Hulu subscriptions!

CeciVR 2391 days ago

OH! thats awesome!!

carrieislost 2391 days ago

I love that show too :)

ZakBFans 2392 days ago

I love this show.

Danibec34 2392 days ago

I would've never guess that

AshleyCampbell2 2392 days ago

I love this show. It's in my top 5...after Ghost Adventures and always sunny in Philadelphi

tiffany323 2392 days ago

lol really? i would think of maybe something on spike tv that would be your fave lol

phoenix210 2392 days ago

very odd, but i guess everyone has odd taste in tv...i know i do

nikolew1 2392 days ago

Really?? I would've never guessed. U don't seem like the type...

wigglez234 2392 days ago

it i'te it ani't my fave show. but yo show not moi hahaha

joyy011 2392 days ago

Christian's humor really makes the show tick, but your ghost adventures is better! But this is ok for the random wednesdays!

ObNoXuS 2392 days ago

Thats too funny! I love this show as well! I usually have to set my dvr for Man vs Food so i can watch this.

angelofthenite1 2392 days ago

one of my top 5

NYCRedhead 2392 days ago

Unless I'm sick/bored mindless (& crave more boredom), the TV is off. There is only ONE show I make a point to watch. Friday nights, no dates, no going out with friends...TV is ON!

SusanTadlock 2393 days ago

bcause of the women right?