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Birthed and anchored in the youth movement of Hillsong Church, UNITED is about seeing a generation encounter God in a way that changes us from the inside out.

Itunes has voted [a_CROSS//the_EARTH]::Tear Down The Walls as the Best Christian & Gospel Album of the year.

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2481 days ago

Itunes has voted [a_CROSS//the_EARTH]::Tear Down The Walls as the Best Christian & Gospel Album of the year.


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Ortegakarina 2364 days ago

congratulations is a great album but i`m sure that you`ll keep that kind of award cuz god leads u into great proyects god bless hillsong united..(hope you come 2 mexico)

litapea 2454 days ago

That's because you deserve it!
When I gave my life to Jesus my sister sent me some links with videoclips of you, and your music really touched my soul, getting me closer to God.
Guys you do an amazing work. God bless you all for getting the young close

aaronkane4 2456 days ago

AWSUM!!!!.....PRAISE GOD!!!!!

Tuannyvieira 2461 days ago

This greattttttttttttttt!

paulorlbarbosa 2469 days ago

this album is awesome!

DaaniPaula 2470 days ago

Congratulations, you're the best ;D

valeriaafariaas 2474 days ago

You're the best ,:)

katematogs 2476 days ago

YAY im so happy its you guys! this one is my favorite one:)

DanielBeltz 2480 days ago

That's great!!!

deiseoliveira 2480 days ago

Wow! That`s so good! Congrat`s hillsong united people... God honors those who are is His hands!

SatrioPetrus 2480 days ago

Glory... Haleluya... !!!

bobbieprevi 2481 days ago

Suuuuuuuure !!!

lovedoesntletgo 2481 days ago

It is a great album, anointed. :)

zhelopez 2481 days ago

Glória a Deus! - Glory God...

habenng 2481 days ago

Praise the Lord!!!! Thats awesome, I love the album so much. God is good. xxx

flavia_matias 2481 days ago

That's really a great album. Congratulations!Praise the Lord!

ezramayled 2481 days ago

Awesome! Praise God!

viih_borba 2481 days ago

muito legal [2] !

daniellemluz 2481 days ago

Congratulations! God is wonderful!

sylviachristina 2481 days ago

that's so cool and awesome! :)